Building Rhythm Together for Christ's Love

Sunday Worship 11am-Noon

Building Rhythm Together through Worship

As with any discipline in life, the more we practice, the more we get out of it. 

The weekly practice of what Christians call "worship," is the spiritual discipline of coming together with others in our journey

  • to be intentional about following the way of Jesus,
  • to be intentional about listening and responding to God's Word,
  • to be intentional about thanking and praising God--for who God is and for God's gifts of faith, hope, and love.

On the First Sunday of every month, we celebrate Holy Communion. God's grace, offered through the bread and the cup, is for anyone and everyone who desires it.  All are welcome to receive.  First, second and third Sundays include a sermon preached by either one of the Co-Pastors or a guest preacher.  

On Fourth Sundays  we use table format for worship and the service is more participatory and interactive with or without a traditional sermon.  Fourth Sundays might focus more on our external relationship with the world and on particular social justice concerns that move us to action and reflection.  Or the service might focus on our relationship with each other as members of the body of Christ.

We find that people enjoy meeting each other after worship and enjoy a little food.  We're blessed with a Cooking Team of Lily and Lenora.  They make sure we have something to eat after church.    

If you want to talk with others about any insights and reflections on the day's worship, grab some snacks and join the circle we are calling Happy Half Hour. 

Our inspiring services are all grounded in God's Word.   Different musical guests participate each week-- whether a jazz quartet, a blues band, a choral ensemble, outstanding vocalists or something different.  We use our partnerships with DC's great musicians to praise God and bring worship alive every Sunday.

Godly Play--an intentional spiritual development program for children and youth--takes place on Sundays in a safe space downstairs with two trained adults. 

You are invited to help us Build Rhythm Together for Christ's Love through Worship.

Advent - Christmas

1st Sun--Dec. 1--First Sunday of Advent with Communion.  Rev. Ruth preaching.  Music by guitarist Yasmin Williams.   "If only we could supplant gun violence in America with the beauty of Yasmin’s music.” - U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly

2nd Sun--Dec. 8--Second Sunday of Advent.  All are encouraged to attend the 10am worship at our sister Riverside Baptist Church at 7th and Maine SW.  At 11am Westminster will host everyone for of sharing at the tables, with carols and a great brunch..

3rd Sun--Dec. 15--Third Sunday of Advent.  Rev. Brian preaching.  Music with harp, piano and violin.

4th Sun--Dec. 22--Fourth Sunday of Advent.  Rev. Ruth preaching.  Music with Marshall Keys, sax, Benji Porecki, organ, and Mark Prince, drums.

Dec. 24--5-7pm Community Christmas Eve Party--with games for all ages, carols, refreshments, White Elephant Table, visit from Santa and more. Free for the whole community.

at 7pm we'll use LED candles and walk over to St. Matthew's Lutheran Church (3rd & M SW).

7:30pm  Ecumenical Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at St. Matthew's Lutheran.

5th Sun--Dec. 29 -- Table Sunday -- Looking back and looking forward. Rev. Brian leading. Music by David Cole and Main Street Blues.  Holiday meal.