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The Discipline of Study

The apostle Paul tells us we are transformed through the renewal of the mind (Rom 12.2).  The mind is renewed by applying it to those things that will transform it. 

Resistance* Bible Study

Sundays 10-10:45am

Facilitator: Rotating among class members as desired
Where:  Downstairs in the "Community Room/Office"
What: The Magnificat--The revolutionary song of Mary

Join this vital study and discussion to see how the Bible sheds light on the crisis facing our nation. What can we draw about the politics of Jesus? How do we apply his teaching to the public issues of our time?

*Resistance Bible Study

designed by Rev. Dr. Jim Burklo,

Center for Progressive Christianity

Below are excerpts from Rev. Burklo's blog on why this Bible Study is needed now!

"... and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."  John 8:32, NRSV

The Bible bears good news for us and for our time.  It is not "fake news".  While much of it is not factual, even its mythical stories deliver enduring truths. How does the Bible cast light on the crisis facing our nation today?

This study of the Bible seeks inspiration in it for the defense of American democracy.  Our approach to the biblical texts will model the resistance required to stop our nation's current slide toward totalitarianism.  Just as we must interpret our present crisis without dogmatic preconceptions, we'll read the Bible without a doctrinal filter.  We'll read it meditatively: letting it lift us above fear and frustration and direct us into deliberative action.  We'll read the signs of our present times in historical context, and read the Bible in the same way.  We'll be listening for echoes from the Bible resonating from the US Constitution... The Bible was an inspiration to the founders of this nation to embed checks and balances against tyranny into the US Constitution, and today the Bible inspires us to preserve them.

"If the main pillar of the system is living a lie, then it is not surprising that the fundamental threat to it is living in truth."  So wrote the avant-garde playwright and anti-communist activist Vaclav Havel, who went on to become the first president of the Czech Republic after the communist system there was overthrown.  In America, Christianity has become a tool of a dominant political system built on lies.    "Alternative facts" in religion are directly related to belief in "alternative facts" in politics. ...

Christianity is part of our country's problem.

But it is also part of the solution.  Faithfully following Jesus' law of love inspires us to stand up for full LGBTQ equality, immigrant rights, women's rights, environmental protection, and robust social insurance and universal health coverage for all - especially for the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens.  Studying the historical roots of the Bible, without super-naturalistic presumptions, primes us to promote scientific and social progress and fact-based, compassionate public policies. 
Christianity suffuses American culture in profound ways.  So the ways we interpret the Bible have serious political consequences.  Here we'll look fearlessly and critically at both the Bible and the daily news, and prayerfully seek guidance for our activism to preserve our endangered freedoms.