Building Rhythm Together for Christ's Love

Q: Why "Resistance" Bible Study

A:  The name "Resistance" Bible Study was coined by Rev. Dr. Jim Burklo, author, blogger, leader of Center for Progressive Christianity and Senior Associate Dean of Religious Services at USC (plus a friend of Rev. Ruth Hamilton).  Rev. Burklo writes: 

Christianity is part of our country's problem.

But it is also part of the solution.  Faithfully following Jesus' law of love inspires us to stand up for full LGBTQ equality, immigrant rights, women's rights, environmental protection, and robust social insurance and universal health coverage for all - especially for the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens.  Studying the historical roots of the Bible, without super-naturalistic presumptions, primes us to promote scientific and social progress and fact-based, compassionate public policies. 

Christianity suffuses American culture in profound ways.  So the ways we interpret the Bible have serious political consequences.  Here we'll look fearlessly and critically at both the Bible and the daily news, and prayerfully seek guidance for our activism to preserve our endangered freedoms.

Resistance Bible Study Schedule

Advent--December 2, 9, 16, 23

(sessions go from 10-10:45am)

Theme:  A Time of Waiting

What is the world waiting for?
What are we individually waiting for?
Using the theme word for each Sunday, lessons focus the story of one of the women key to the birth narrative
Additional stories reflect the theme and highlight relevance for today

December 2 --  Hope--Tamar

December 9 --  Love--Ruth and Naomi

December 16 -- Joy --Elizabeth and the comedy of Sarah

December 23--Peace--Mary


The Discipline of Study

The apostle Paul tells us we are transformed through the renewal of the mind (Rom 12.2).  The mind is renewed by applying it to those things that will transform it.