Justice, Sacrifice, Peace                      

Westminster's ministry reflects a commitment to the Trinity of justice, sacrifice, and peace*.

  • from the earliest days of helping freed slaves to more recently fighting racism in church and culture...
  • from starting Food & Friends, a ministry for those with HIV/AIDS, in the early 1980s to labyrinth walks for meditation in the sanctuary...
  • from distributing free condoms in the church building to hosting recovery groups...
  • from holding free seated yoga classes for seniors to supporting a harm reduction ministry that offers needles exchange for drug users...
  • from calling the first woman to be a solo Pastor in the National Capital Presbytery to being the first Presbyterian Church in the area to fully welcome and affirm LGBTQ members and officers...
  • from housing activists who come to be a witness in the nation's Capitol to starting a partnership to build affordable housing on our site...

Westminster DC is committed to social justice.

*Courtesy of intern Bob Clegg.

WORD Gatherings

Whites' Own Racism Dismantling

(for people who identify as "white")

White people, especially liberal, progressive ones, must continue to work on recognizing and dismantling their own internal racism.  Rev. Ruth Hamilton and Elder George Kerr lead these initial sessions for members and friends of WestminsterDC.

Coming to DC to do Advocacy Work?

Let us know if your group needs a place to camp out for a demonstration, protest or other act of civic engagement or civil disobedience.  We believe in being active participants in the public realm.

Not Just a Church

Save the Date

Saturday, October 20

2018 Racial Awareness Festival

with Keynote Address by

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi


Thank you for the generosity of your hospitality. I've long felt that religion has lost its way, so far from the message of Christ, but you have restored my faith.  Thank you for your good work in the world.  --Gabriella Cordova

On behalf of the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC), thank you so much for allowing us to use your church facilities for the Women's March.  We would not have been able to participate in the numbers we did without your generous support.  In solidarity, Becky Belcore

Together with the entirety of the Women's March DC Local Org. we are writing to thank you for your tremendous support and positive energy as you worked with us to make the March the tremendous success it was.  The Church's basement was ideally suited...for the sign-making parties, the love and support generally and for being you:  Our gratitude--Elizabeth and DC Local Ambassadors

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Emotional Emancipation Circle

Third Saturdays


(for people of African descent only)

Presbyterian Elder and Spiritual Director Therese Taylor-Stinson and Lorie Jackson are trained in leadingEmotional Emancipation Circles--

safe, healing places for blacks only. 

Come learn about these circles and

consider being part of this one.


Other Events and Programs

Supporting Our Neighbor School

  • Every Monday and Friday small donations are received at Blues and Jazz all of which are given to Amidon-Bowen for needs they cannot otherwise meet.   Over $2000 are raised each year!
  • Health Initiatives

    • Seated Yoga classes--Monday at 11 and Wed at 4. Donation only. Led by Pamela Wilson.
    • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation every first Saturday at 1pm.
  • Domestic Violence Clinic