Building Rhythm Together for Christ's Love

January 25, 2019

Remembering Buck Hill
Davy Yarborough, sax
Jon Ozment, piano
Chaney Thomas, bass
Keith Killgo, drums
Bonnie Harris, vocals

Doors open at 5pm. Admission $5. Dinner served by Southwest Catering from 5:30 - 8pm    (Visa, Mastercard, Cash accepted)

A Weekly, Straight-Ahead Jazz Experience Every Friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Feb 22, 2019

“Tribute to Dad”
Muneer Nasser, trumpet, flugelhorn
Elijah Easton, sax
Allyn Johnson
James King
John Lamkin, III, drums

Jazz Calendar

February 15, 2019

Marshall Keys & Friends
Marshall Keys, sax

Federico Pena, keyboard
Mark Prince, drums
Ameen Saleem, bass
W. Allen Taylor, vocals

January 18, 2019

20 Year Anniversary

Celebrating the history and heritage of D.C. jazz as practiced at Westminster Church.  For all the jazz lovers and players who have led and inspired us for a generation, we are most grateful. With toasts, libations, honors and special remembrances from a thankful and joyful community.

Paul Carr, sax
Thad Wilson, trumpet
Allyn Johnson, piano
James King, bass
Nasar Abadey, drums
Dick Smith & Special Guests

$20 Admission

advance purchase required

February 8, 2019

A Night at Utopia
Cheryl Jones, vocals
Wayne Wilentz, piano
DeAndrey Howard, trumpet
David Jernigan, bass
Jim West, drums

February 1, 2019

Maurice Lyles'

Black History Celebration
Carl Cornwell, sax
Wade Beach, piano
Pepe Gonzalez, bass
Tony Green, drums 

Allison Keyes, vocals

Jazz Night in D.C. on Fridays presents some of the area's finest jazz musicians in a lively presentation of classical, straight-ahead jazz. 

Feb 23, 2019

Jamil Nasser:  Upright Bass
Born George Joyner (June 21, 1932-February 13, 2010) in Memphis, he was a noted bassist collaborating with many other jazz artists.  After working with B.B. King for two years, he moved to New York in 1956 where he worked with Ahmad Jamal, Al Haig and many others.  His work with the Jazz Foundation and Jazz Emergency Fund depicted concern for fellow jazz players, many of whom labored in relative obscurity.  Muneer Nasser presents.