Building Rhythm Together for Christ's Love

SW Renaissance Development Corp. (SRDC)--a separate 501c3 that serves as a mission arm of the church.  Rev. Brian is the President.  It is governed by a Board of Directors.

Major Church Ministry Areas (Taking lead)

  • Worship and Music(Session)--To ensure we have inspiring worship with strong preaching and outstanding musical guests each week.
  • Building Relationships-- (Kate McPhaul, Gretchen McMullen, Robin Alexander, Marcia Bellamy) Living out our life of faith, being the church, and inviting others to nurture a network of relationships that reflect a commitment to God, the world, and our better selves.
    • From the first connection to the final embrace; all the ways, big and small, we can intentionally nurture relationships that reflect Christ's love.
  • Living Our Social Justice Mission-- (George Kerr, Harry Kim) Justice is love in political form and we are committed to advocacy and action to bring ourselves and society closer to the Kindom of Heaven--The Beloved Community.
    • Becoming an anti-racist church; increasing affordable housing; embracing LGBTQIA+; practicing harm reduction, and more.
  • Telling Our Story (Doan Baldwin)--Sharing the good news we know, building the rhythm, telling the life-giving stories of God's work through our experiences together.
    • Creating a robust, adaptive communications infrastructure that is accessible to all and has the widest reach.
  • Church Redevelopment--(Jim Cawley)--Helping the Session and congregation navigate the long, exciting, and challenging process of redeveloping the church property. (see Staying and Growing)

How our church is

organized to serve the

SW community and


The Westminster Congregation--Approx. 112 voting members plus 50 or more active worshipers, including over 20 children; over 650 on the church email list.

We always need and welcome new members to help with the great work God has for us to do.

General Assembly of PCUSA--A biennial gathering of clergy and elder commissioners from every presbytery to set policy and direction.

Programs run under SRDC banner:

  • Jazz Night in DC--Dick Smith, Jazz Night coordinator
  • Blue Monday Blues
  • Thinking About Jazz
  • Annual DC Jazz Preservation Festival

Southwest Catering Company -- a for-profit company started under the SRDC non-profit.

Vyllorya Evans serves as President and there is a Board of Directors.  SW Catering, under the leadership of Chef Mike DuBose, caters the food for SRDC programs as well as offering catering for other church facility users and/or outside events.

The Westminster Session--Made up of the Co-Pastors, who serve as Co-Moderators, and nine elected Ruling Elders (Presbyters) who govern the church. (See "Who We Are" page.

National Capital Presbytery--110 churches in DMV who send clergy and elders as commissioners to do wider work of the church.

Permanent Ministry Teams (taking lead)

  • Finance Committee--(Jim Cawley, Treasurer)
  • Commitment/Generosity Team--(Julie Coons)
  • Nominating Committee--(Gretchen McMullen)
  • Buildings and Grounds Team--(John Hammer, Charlie Bragdon)