You are invited to a Godly Zoom Get Together

Sunday afternoons at 4:00 PM Eastern Time

The zoom meeting links are sent to all families who have participated in Godly Play.

Due to security issues, if you would like to participate, please use the  Contact Us form to make your request.

Thanks for nurturing your child's spirituality.

Dear Parents,

We hope that you are all well and finding ways to keep busy and be closer as a family in this difficult and anxiety producing time.  The need for spiritual nurture is great.  Thank you for guiding your children through this valley. 

The Church is still celebrating Lent, the 40 day period leading up to Easter.  In Godly Play, this is the time we tell the story of Jesus' life and death.  

February 25 - We started telling the story of Jesus by describing his birth into the Holy Family.  

March 1 -  We see Jesus at age 12, teaching the elders in the temple

March 8 - We see Jesus on the shores of Jordan River being baptized by his cousin John.  On that day, Jesus decides to go away and be by himself.  He has to think about what his work will be in this world.

March 15 - While Jesus is alone, Satan comes to tempt him spiritually, physically and morally.

March 22 - Jesus heal the blind man and teaches the people through parables

Mar 29 - Jesus has dinner with his 12 closes disciples.  It is a sad dinner because he tells them he is leaving.  He is later captured by the Roman soldiers.

Apr 5 - On Friday afternoon, Jesus is taken to the hill, Golgotha, for execution.  The day Jesus died, the sky turned dark and all his friends were afraid.  They took him down from the cross and placed him in a clean tomb.  On Sunday, two women were brave enough to come back to the tomb.  It was empty.

April 12 - We realize that Jesus is still with us.  What happened on Friday was very sad but we cannot have this day of rejoicing without it.  

Building Rhythm Together for Christ's Love