Westminster's LGBTQIA Legacy

Since being one of the first 13 Presbyterian congregations in the US to form the More Light Network in 1983, Westminster has fought for the full inclusion of and end of discrimination against the LGBTQ family. We do not just accept but celebrate the gifts God has given through our varied sexual orientations and gender understandings. 

Much has changed in and beyond the church since those early days.  On Jan. 23, 2017, Westminster hosted the closing ceremony of Open Doors (shown), the local chapter of More Light Presbyterians.  So many congregations are now welcoming and affirming that the need for the network had diminished but each congregation, including Westminster, remains committed serve with and for the LGBTQ community.   

We are glad to once again host The Scrolls Revealed seminar led by Parish Partner Rev. Harry Stock.  [Note: Harry has incorporated this ministry and has begun taking it to other parts of the country this year.  See article above from Richmond paper.]  We celebrate Pride Week and were a site for May Is All About Trans with the award-winning film "Major."  Elder George Kerr will be offering a workshop on pronouns and gender identity in Fall 2018. 

Gays & the Good Book:

Rev. Harry B. Stock Pushes Back Against

Anti-LGBTQ Readings of the Bible

Reverend Harry B. Stock, Westminster Parish Partner, calls them ‘clobber passages;’ those snippets of scriptures from the Bible that condemn homosexuality, calling it evil and an abomination. He believes that for years these passages have been mistranslated and taken out of historical context.

...“Many of us call them ‘clobber passages’ because some folks like to ‘clobber’ gays and homosexuals with them,” he explained. Usually these folks are from Evangelical or more Fundamentalist Christian churches.

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