Not Just a Church

Smaller Group Opportunities

It is important to stretch and encourage our faith within smaller groups.  Small groups are organic and form as the Spirit moves.  New groups are always encouraged.  Current groups include:

Seasonal Community Parties--Christmas Eve, Mardi Gras and more.  We create a fun and welcoming place for people of ages and economic backgrounds to be together around food, drink, games, laughter, crafting, and more.  Such experiences are rare in this world.

Men's Bible/Book Study--The Good Book

Women' Time--regular gatherings for women, usually meeting in a home with a meal, a discussion theme, lots of honesty, laughter, support and prayer. 

Young Adults--regular gatherings for those 40-like and under--singles and couples, with or without children.  Gathering for fellowship and mutual support.

Bookworms--a monthly book study group that has continued for several decades, meeting in homes with a meal around a book chosen by the group.

Praise in Motion--a ministry group led by Shirli Hughes to bring sacred movement to worship giving an opportunity to grow together. See video.

Racial Awareness Meet-Up
This opportunity for smaller group discussion and exploration of racial awareness and mindfulness happens every third Saturday.  See calendar for upcoming focus.  Led by Elder Therese Taylor-Stinson. 

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