May 6, 2019
Linwood Taylor Band
Linwood Taylor, guitar, vocals

Sol Roots, guitar, vocals
Steve Wolf, bass
Joe Wells, drums

Blue Monday Blues on Mondays brings together great local blues players for an evening of down-home blues. Over 175 people usually attend this exciting event and there's some room to dance!

June 17, 2019
Midnight Blue
Curtis Pope, trumpet
Dehrric Richburg, keyboard
Jay Alan Thompson, guitar
Ron Pender, sax
DeAndrey Howard, drums

June 10, 2019
Dave Chappell Blues Band
w/ Special Guest: Former Allman Brother Band’s Johnny Neel
Johnny Neel, keyboard, vocals
Tommy Lepson, organ, vocals
Dave Chappell, guitar
Bruce Swaim, tenor sax
Sonny Petrosky, bass
Pete Ragusa, drums

Blues Calendar

June 3, 2019
Swampdog Blues!
Anthony “Swampdog” Clark, harp, vocals
John Henry, guitar
Joe Poppen, guitar
Rick Jones, keyboard
Chuck Carter, bass
John Chandler, drums

A Weekly, Straight-Ahead Blues Experience Every Monday  6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

May 13, 2019
Vince Evans Authentic    Blues Band
Vince Evans, piano, vocals

Danny Blew, harp, vocals

Alvin White, guitar

Brian Fox, bass, vocals
Andre “Blues” Webb, drums, vocals

Building Rhythm Together for Christ's Love

Doors open at 5pm. Admission $5. Dinner served by Southwest Catering from 5:30 - 8pm (Visa, Mastercard, Cash accepted)

April 29, 2019
Carly Harvey’s Kiss & Ride
Carly Harvey, vocals
Jose Ramirez, guitar
David Gorozdos, keys, organ
Holly Montgomery, bass
Andy Hamburger, drums

May 27, 2019
Queen Aisha Blues
Queen Aisha, vocals
David Cole, guitar, vocals
Eddie Kornegay, sax
Wes Biles, bass
Vince Smith, keyboard
Jeffrey Neal, drums

May 20, 2019          
The Billy Price Band
Billy Price, vocals
Pete Kanaras, guitar
Dan Gutwein, sax
Tam Sullivan, keys
Greg Haughey, bass
El Torro Gamble, drums