WORD Gatherings
Whites' Own Racism Dismantling

Dear white people of Westminster,

Thanks in part to you, Westminster is a place that is welcoming, affirming and risk-taking.  Over the years many important conversations have happened to open hearts and minds, to speak truth in love, and to overcome ideas we were taught by family or society that made us less than our Christ selves.  We know this work is never done.

Last year, the Session added Confronting Racism and Increasing Affordable Housing as two new justice priorities for this time in the congregation's life.  As part of the Confronting Racism priority, a number of us who are white have felt the need to gather with others who may check the "white" box, and try to unpack and understand our own socialization within our country's racist history and ongoing system of white supremacy.

We are starting with the new book by Robin DiAngelo White Fragility--Why it so hard for white people to talk about racism

You are invited to participate in this ongoing work.
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The Co-Pastors

Equity in Education

Support our local Title I Schools

Systemic racism has led to inequities in our public education.  SW schools are Title 1 meaning a high percentage of students are at-risk.

We support the Amidon-Bowen Elementary School in many ways.  This time of year, we encourage you to buy these adorable cards created by the students in Art Class.  All proceeds go to the PTA which uses the money for enrichment, teacher support, and other unfunded needs.

Cards come in sets of two each (12) for $15.  Drop by the church office or pick up a set on Sunday.

Building Rhythm Together for Christ's Love