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Not Just a Church

Sundays at 11am and Other Days

2/14 Ash Wednesday 7pm--Westminster members will visit Christ United Methodist Church across the street for an ecumenical Ash Wednesday service to begin the season of Lent

2/18 First Sunday of Lent -- We begin the season of Lent with the help of Jesse Palidofsky, Robert Spates and Scott Giambusso playing folk and roots music.  Rev. Ruth, preaching.

2/25 Second Sunday of Lent -- Worship and Welcome to New Members.  Rev. Brian, preaching

3/4  Third Sunday of Lent -- Celebration of Women Sunday with Communion.  Le Quan Turner, preaching.

3/11 Fourth Sunday of Lent --Rev Ruth, preaching

3/18 Fifth Sunday of Lent--Rev. Brian, preaching

Lent to Easter

In order to embrace the resurrection, we must experience the passion/suffering of Jesus. The way of the cross, the way to Easter, is through death of the “old self.”

Therefore, at the beginning of Lent, we are reminded that our possessions, our rulers, our empires, our projects, our families and even our lives do not last forever. “You are dust, and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:19).

The liturgies throughout Lent try to pry loose our fingers, one by one, from presumed securities and plunge us into unknown baptismal waters, waters that turn out to be not only our death tomb but surprisingly our womb of life. 

From Companion to Book of Common Worship