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Jazz Night


February 20, 2015

Tribute to Rick Henderson
Bowie State Jazz Orchestra

Directed by Clarence Knight

February 27, 2015

Amy Shook & Friends

  • Amy Shook, bass
  • Paul Carr, sax
  • Fred Hughes, piano
  • Frank Russo, drums
  • Juanita Williams, vocals
February 28, 2015

Thinking About Jazz
Coleman Hawkins: The Hawk Returns

In Originally from St. Joseph, MO, Hawkins was one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, making the tenor sax a respected instrument in jazz. With big bands he mastered swing but late4r became a major force in be-bog. Rusty Hassan will present this in-depth review of the work of this jazz giant and puts his legacy into perspective.

Thinking About Jazz is a free event. Join us for lunch and a great conversation.

March 6, 2015

Inner Urge

  • Nasar Abadey, drums
  • Allyn Johnson, piano
  • James King, bass
  • Antonio Parker, sax
  • Lyle Link, sax
  • Thad Wilson, trumpet
March 13, 2015

Shannon Gunn & the Bullettes

Washington Women in Jazz Festival event
All-Women Big Band

March 20, 2015

Greg Lamont's Double Whammy

  • Greg Lamont, piano, organ
  • Michael Hairston, sax
  • Tim Jones, bass
  • Percy Smith, drums
  • Ben Secundy, drums
  • Selena McDay, vocals

March 27, 2015



Chuck Redd & the Youngbloods

  • Chuck Redd, vibes
  • Mark Meadows, piano, vocals
  • Eliot Seppa, bass
  • Ele Rubinstein, drums

Jazz Night at the Movies

A Feature on Coleman Hawkins

April 3, 2015

Howard University Jazz Ensemble

Directed by Fred Irby, III

April 10, 2015

Lori Williams & Friends

  • Lori Williams, vocals
  • Allyn Johnson, piano
  • Zach Pride, bass
  • Mark Prince, drums
  • Tracey Cutler, sax
April 17, 2015

Jazz Night Legends Series #4
Featuring Fred Foss

  • Fred Foss, sax
  • Herm Burney, bass
  • Donvonte McCoy, trumpet
April 24, 2015

Michael Thomas Quintet

  • Michael Thomas, trumpet
  • Zach Graddy, tenor sax
  • Darius Scott, piano
  • Kent Miller, bass
  • Frank Williams, drums
April 25, 2015

BILLIE HOLIDAY: A 100th Birthday Celebration

Born Eleanora Fagan on April 7, 1915 in Philadelphia, Holiday's early life included abandonment, reform school and prostitution. Finding her voice in Harlem led her to a brilliant career as solo and collaborating artist known best by Lester Young's name for her, Lady Day. Her triumpant and tragic life ended at the tender age of 44 but she remains the standard-bearer for jazz vocal and lyric expression rivaled by none.

Thinking About Jazz is a free event. Join us for lunch and a great conversation.

May 1, 2015

Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" Live
Jeff Antoniuk Update

  • Jeff Antoniuk, sax
  • Thad Wilson, trumpet
  • Lyle Link, sax
  • Wade Beach, piano
  • Tom Baldwin, bass
  • Tony Martucci, drums